About us

Welcome to Kuurth,

If you are here, it is because you are interested in knowing a little more about our world, vision and project. We introduce ourselves:

We are a group of artists, designers and art enthusiasts from Barcelona who have found a beautiful way to transport emotions, the magic of brushstrokes, color, culture and history.

We strive to perpetuate the sensibility that art reflects in a society that is making giant steps towards indifference and emotional coldness.

We all want to express ourselves, but in this era there is a faster and more accommodating way to communicate, anesthetizing the need for many to inquire, explore and appreciate the small details.

But many others are still innate explorers, innovative rebels, imaginative observers, sensitive beings who see art as an escape route and intellectuals who appreciate the value of culture and history... And if you've made it this far, you are probably one of those exceptional people who know how to value artistic work.

At Kuurth we design and craft our jewelry for people like you.

We believe in the need to perpetuate art as a story that has told and will continue to tell the legacy of humanity from the most intrinsic and sensitive point of view. That is why we transport the memories of many in small recreations, with different styles, different opinions, different times, different sensations and different nationalities, but all speaking the same language; the language of art.


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