The Middle Ages, an era of shadows and mysteries, of credulity and superstition, of ignorance and chaos. It's not an appealing picture, and that's precisely what we aim to highlight. The allure of the past lies in the fantasies we've woven, rather than its stark realities. There's a nostalgic yearning for an unreal past, a time of simplicity, unspoiled nature, where superstition, magic, and conflict ruled, juxtaposed against today's ordered, logical, and controlled present.

Just as an author draws on the past to create an unreal and captivating world, we have been inspired by the Gothic, transforming it into designs worthy of medieval dark fantasy. Thus, amidst light and shadows, between lies and truths, these fantasies endure as a mirror reflecting the desires and contradictions of the human soul, a longing for escapism towards an eternal time.


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