• Delirium - Gold Ring
  • Delirium - Gold Ring
  • Delirium - Gold Ring
  • Delirium - Gold Ring
  • Delirium - Gold Ring
  • Delirium - Gold Ring

Delirium - Gold Ring

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Step 1

Place any bank or credit card on the card image displayed on this screen. Adjust the black outline by sliding the circle at the bottom of the screen to the left or right. The black line should frame the card while remaining visible.

Then click 'Next'

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Slip a ring that fits you onto the circle to find your size. Use the slider to adjust it and discover your ring diameter.

Take your dose of craziness and get out of the mainstream. 

Navigating through a wild world of fierce competition and boundless possibilities, we stumbled upon a randomly shaped object contorting into a mind-bending spiral. It plunged us into an enchanting rabbit hole filled with vibrant colors.

This journey is an exhilarating descent into delirium, showcased through a fresh design that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and coolness.

Material: 925 sterling silver, 24K gold plated. 
Weight: 10.66 grams

Each order comes with a Kuurth gift box.

- The ring should fit you comfortably; it should be tight enough not to fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.
- Measure the circumference of the finger where you are going to put the ring with a sewing meter, if you do not have a sewing meter you can cut a strip of paper, surround the finger with the strip and make a mark.
- Then measure that section of the paper with a ruler or tape measure, the measurement you get is the length.
- Measure the finger a couple of times to avoid mistakes.
XS 16 MM - 0.629 INCH 50 MM - 1.968 INCH
S 17.3 MM - 0.681 INCH 54.34 MM - 2.139 INCH
M 18.5 MM - 0.728 INCH 58 MM - 2.283 INCH
L 19.7 MM - 0.775 INCH 61.8 MM - 2.433 INCH
XL 21 MM - 0.826 INCH  66 MM - 2.598 INCH

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