• Lie & truth - Ring
  • Lie & truth - Ring
  • Lie & truth - Ring
  • Lie & truth - Ring
  • Lie & truth - Ring
  • Lie & truth - Ring

Lie & truth - Ring

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Material: 925 sterling silver
Weight: 5.68 grams 

"Art is a lie that brings us closer to the truth".

How can art be a lie that expresses reality? If we want to understand the meaning of this expression coined by Pablo Picasso, we must first ask ourselves: What is reality?

Art is the form of expression of the artist's deepest feelings, memories and impressions, a reality captured in a rhetorical and exaggerated way on the canvas to tell a story of the most real, at least for that point of view.

Each order comes with a Kuurth gift box.

- The ring should fit you comfortably; it should be tight enough not to fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.
- Measure the circumference of the finger where you are going to put the ring with a sewing meter, if you do not have a sewing meter you can cut a strip of paper, surround the finger with the strip and make a mark.
- Then measure that section of the paper with a ruler or tape measure, the measurement you get is the length.
- Measure the finger a couple of times to avoid mistakes.
17 MM - 0,669 INCH
54 MM - 2,125 INCH
19 MM - 0,748 INCH
60 MM - 2,362 INCH
21 MM - 0,826 INCH
 66 MM - 2,598 INCH

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