• Less is more - Ring
  • Less is more - Ring
  • Less is more - Ring
  • Less is more - Ring
  • Less is more - Ring
  • Less is more - Ring

Less is more - Ring

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Material: 925 sterling silver
Weight: 5.66 grams 

"Less is more".

At first, "Less is more" seems a simple motto for those who believe in minimalism, but this expression coined by the architect Ludwig Mies, paradoxically, is more than what it seems to convey.

Quantity often cancels out quality and purity is found in the simplest of things, so in simplicity lies true beauty without the need for adornment.

Each order comes with a Kuurth gift box.

- The ring should fit you comfortably; it should be tight enough not to fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.
- Measure the circumference of the finger where you are going to put the ring with a sewing meter, if you do not have a sewing meter you can cut a strip of paper, surround the finger with the strip and make a mark.
- Then measure that section of the paper with a ruler or tape measure, the measurement you get is the length.
- Measure the finger a couple of times to avoid mistakes.
M 17 MM - 0,669 INCH 54 MM - 2,125 INCH
L 19 MM - 0,748 INCH 60 MM - 2,362 INCH
XL 21 MM - 0,826 INCH  66 MM - 2,598 INCH
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